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5 tricks to buy a cheap Nintendo 3DS

27 Mar

If you didn’t get your Nintendo 3DS during the presales rush, here you have some tricks that may be useful to but a 3DS cheaper. Hope this helps ;-)

Trick #1: Trade your old handheld

Probably the best way to get a good price, is to get a discount coupon trading your old handheld, but… if you have Game Boy Advance (GBA) games you want to play, DON’T trade your DS / DSi for a 3DS because you won’t be able to play GBA cartridges anymore.

Some stores that have always trade-in offers are Amazon (in the US) and Game.

Trick#2 – Look for overstock offers

Big shops like Walmart, Metro, Mediamarkt, Fnac, or Carrefour will have, after the preorders rush, overstock of Nintendo gear (this also happens after christmas season). Make good use of it.

If you cannot find a the 3DS with a significant discount, at least they will bundle a DS or 3DS “free” game bundle. Search for it.

Trick #3 – Wait for a lower price… when it happens

Usually Nintendo (nor Sony) doesn’t lower their console price… unless they are going to retire the hardware, or there’s a new competitor with a lower price or higher specs.

In that case, Nintendo will first sell a 3DS bundled with one or more games; and finally they might lower the price.

Trick #4 – Grab a second hand 3DS

After a product launch, or after the end of the shopping season (I mean: christmas) you can always get a good offer at eBay.

This doesn’t mean the 3DS is bad or something like that: there’s people that buys everything new just to try it and then sell it so they can keep trying new stuff, there are also parents is selling his/her kid console as a penalty, or someone reveived it as a gift more than once and want to get rid of the older one.

If you’re buying second hand, it’s better to look for reputable sellers or even a seller near your home, so you dont’ end up paying $200 to some chinese guy in a basement selling fake 3DS.

Trick #5 – Buy overseas.

Nintendo (like every other company) sets its prices on a country-by contry basis.

Sometimes you can get a better price overseas for the same console because once nitendo sets the price in any currency, they stick to it.

It’s also a good idea to look for offers in Japan, the US, and Europe (in this order). Nintendo is a Japanese manufacturer and they do like to build their products in Japan.

In Europe, the list price for the 3DS is different from one country to another: that’s because every country has its own VAT and copyright taxes. So, don’t be surprised if you can find the 3DS for a lower price this summer when traveling

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