The Louvre Museum Guide inside a Nintendo 3DS

9 Apr

The Louvre museum in Paris, France, is using the Nintendo 3DS as an audioguide replacement:

Usually museum audioguides are based on very expensive hardware with little (or no) multimedia features. This hardware is expensive because the vendor must have it available for 5-7 years. In technology that’s a lot of time: after the 4-5th year it’s really expensive to buy hardware components, even if those components were initially cheap.

Using a standar 3DS videoconsole, the museum can use standard hardware that is very easy to replace; and in case there is a new 3DS model, they can still use the same content without the need to port the applications and guide to the new device.

Shinobi 3DS Trailer announced

11 Sep

Sega has just unveiled the trailer for Shinobi 3DS:

The game looks great on the trailer; altough it’s a shame Sega decided to show the action inside a 3DS screen, which looks very small to me.
I expected the look of the game to be more realistic, more like in the Shadow Dancer (Shinobi 2) game, than the 3D cartoon look of this game; which looks half way between the old 8-bit game and a modern one.

Sega expects to launch Shinobi for 3DS on November 11, 2011.

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The 5 essential N3DS games (up-to-date)

30 Aug

It’s been a long time since I wrote in this blog. We’ve seen this summmer the 3DS droped its price about $100 in order to boost sales (and it worked).

Sadly, yo date, there are only 5 great games for the 3DS. Take a look at Metacritic and judge yourself:

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Okay, we expected this to be a killer game for the 3DS, and indeed it is.
Why? Altough it’s a remake of an old N64 game; the graphics have been remade, it has a great storyline, and fully uses the 3D capabilities of the 3DS.
The bad side is that it wasn’t a launch tile.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
Another remake of a classic game, this time from Capcom. This game sells like hot cakes betwen people aged 24-36. Why? because they played the coin-op version of Street Fighter II and brings then great memories. And the 3D effect ? yeah, it looks great; but I find it more appealing to play all characters of Street Fighter II.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions
Not a remake this time; but a sequel of a classic franchise. Like it or no, boobs sells. Period.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
I feel strange seeing a turn-based strategy game in the top 5; but a lot of people enjoyed it because it came bundled with the 3Ds. I expected to see a Resident Evil game here; but Camcom flopped.

Ridge Racer 3D
I get it: nobody loves racing games; but a 3D racing game on a 3D console *should* be on the top 5 games, right ? this game should have been #1 (or #2) if it had online play.

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Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D live play videos

28 Jun

Here we have, at least, the official launch trailer of Resident Evil: The mercenaries 3D by capcom.

Also, capcom unity has released two videos from Resident Evil: The Mercenaries with a live game stream.

Here’s the first one. The man playing at the console is the product manager of Resident Evil: The mercenaries 3D:

And the second live play video:

I find the gameplay at the end of the video#2 more interesting than the first minutes: the scenario looks less linear, and the enemies are much different.

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Super Mario 3DS E3 Trailer

16 Jun

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Super Mario 3DS Details

16 Jun

Finally we've got some information about the killer Super Mario game for the 3DS.

As we all expected, this is a 3D game; but also a 2D / 2.5D game. We have some classic platform game levels that could have been in 2D ; but Nintendo decided that it was better to make use of the 3D capabilities of the console: the result are levels “with depth”.

Somehow you find yourself moving Mario in and out of the screen, mostly following corridor-style paths from left to right; and suddenly you find yourself into a game which is a mixture of 3D, 2.5D.

The goal of Super Mario 3Ds is reaching the end of the level: you don't have a whole, big world, to explore in each level (which would be fine for me ;-) probably we can do it in a future Super Mario Galaxy). 

Also, the levels are short: good for casual gamers, phone game users.


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164 Pokemon Pokedex 3D QR Codes

8 Jun

I’ve collected 164 Pokedex 3D QR codes to unlock (as far as I know) all pokémon in the pokedex 3d game.

If you don’t have yet the Pokedex 3D game, power on your 3DS, go to the nintendo eShop and download the Pokedex game (hurry up! it’s free).

Be careful using this QR Codes: If you unlock too much Pokemon with this codes, you may spoil the game completey. Use them wisely and have fun!

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The Legend of Zelda soundtrack played on piano and violin

3 Jun

This two guys playing the score from The Legend of Zelda are simply AMAZING!

The Legend of Zelda music score was composed by Koji Kondo, also the composer for the Mario series score (but Zelda is much better!).

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Pokedex 3D: The first pokémon game for 3DS will be free

2 Jun

Game Freak will launch the first Pokémon 3D game, and their first Nintendo 3DS game on June 6th… on the Nintendo 3ds eShop.

This will be the first free official Pokémon game ever. Some time ago I objected about the N3DS came without a killer app. Now we have one candidate: Pokedex 3D.

The Pokedex 3D features more than the 150 Pokémon characters from Pokémon Black & White. The game starts with just 16 characters and you can collect more interchanging them via Streetpass, and scanning QR codes.

But the most important thing about Pokedex 3D is that you’ll be able to get it from the Nintendo eShop for zero dollars, zero stars, and zero points. Yes: It will be FREE!.

I don’t know (yet) how Game Freak will make any money from this game (unless Nintendo has paid them a lot of money in advance); but the idea of a free game for the 3DS makes a lot of sense. Specially when it’s one of the biggest franchises for the Nintendo consoles.

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Sega will port Crush to the 3DS as Crush 3D

18 May

Good news for puzzle games fans: Sega announced the trailler for the 3D version of Crush, the 2007 puzzle plattform game to the nintendo 3Ds.

For me the most compelling part of this game is that, in order to end levels of the game, you will need to switch from 2D to 3D. Also, the fast perspective change rotating the level around the main character looks great.

For those that cannot wait for the launch date September 6th (in the U)S or Sept. 9th in Europe, here’s a the trailer (wich looks great, btw):

Update: Sega America has published a Crush3D Flickr set.



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